"What is astrology?"

Astrology is an ancient study that correlates specially created charts of the sky to human personality and history. It is, in essence, an equation of fate; part math, part psychology. Both debated and celebrated, astrology continues to be practiced all over the world by people of all races, ethnicities, genders, classes, and religions. Like physics or trigonometry, it has no language save for the language of symbols and interpretation.

"What does an astrological chart look like?"

Like this.

"How does this work?"

We meet in person to discuss the details of a previously analyzed chart, and you leave with a recording of the consultation. In-person readings allow for clients to ask questions freely and to be given a greater explanation of their charts. If you're interested in having a reading, fill out a form on this website under the "pricing, booking" tab at the top of the page. We'll coordinate a date to meet. 

"I'm a skeptic. Astrology is a pseudoscience."

Yes, astrology is a pseudoscience. I do not claim to be as verifiable as a scientist. Still, I would not be an astrologer if I did not believe in astrology myself. In my own life and in the lives of those I know it has proven to be inexplicably accurate. Even if you have reservations about the science of astrology, an astrological reading may be enlightening. A curious atheist can attend church once without believing that there is a God; a skeptic can receive an astrological reading without complete assurance in astrology itself. The purpose of an astrological reading is to seek empathetic understanding and self-knowledge.  If you are skeptical of this, astrology is not for you. If not, don't knock it before you try it!